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Eric Price — Uniting VTubers and Players, Designing Oshi Push and the Importance of GAMA (#66)

Eric Price — Uniting VTubers and Players, Designing Oshi Push and the Importance of GAMA (#66)

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About Eric Price

Eric Price, a veteran in the tabletop gaming industry, joins us to discuss his extensive journey from localizing Japanese games to spearheading innovative projects. As the president of Japanime Games and GAMA, the Game Manufacturers Association, Eric transforms how games are experienced globally. Under his leadership, both organizations have flourished, fostering strong relationships with publishers, retailers, manufacturers, and designers. In our discussion, Eric unveils his latest venture, Oshi Push, a trading card game featuring VTuber characters, set to launch on kickstarter simultaneously with this podcast episode. My team and I helped with the design of this project and we break down the principles of making a TCG like this in the episode.

Ah-ha! Justin’s Takeaways

  • Origin of Oshi Push: Working on this project was a rewarding experience, offering a deeper look into the VTuber world. The game's concept originated from Eric's innovative ideas about blending unique digital entertainment forms and reaching passionate communities with new game categories.

  • The value of contribution: Eric's decision to volunteer for a leadership role at GAMA involved a significant commitment to unpaid work. However, this experience provided him with invaluable industry knowledge, enhanced his professional relationships, and deepened his understanding of the gaming sector. This is similar to how my knowledge has grown through interactions with guests and feedback on this podcast.

  • Role of the GAMA Association: GAMA plays a crucial role in bridging various sectors of the tabletop industry, including publishers, retailers, manufacturers, creators, media, event organizers, and wholesalers. It fosters connections and supports collaboration across these diverse groups.

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Show Notes

"I started out in Seattle. I had a comic book store in the early 90s. And then when Magic came out, I had this guy come into my store with a binder full of Magic cards. And he's like, hey, you should check this out." (0:00)

Eric shares his origin story, from running a comic book store during the early '90s to becoming a pivotal figure in the gaming industry. His journey through the evolution of Magic: The Gathering and his ventures in Japan laid the foundation for what would eventually become Japanime Games.

"For years, so many people have thought of Gamma as being a trade show. That's what Gamma is to so many people. But on top of that, we have all these online networking events. Almost every week, there are things where people can connect with other people in the industry and just learn from each other.” (19:00)

Eric discusses the pivotal role of the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) in supporting industry members, from publishers to designers. He highlights how GMMA facilitates connections and fosters a supportive ecosystem for all involved in the tabletop industry. In fact, it was at GAMA in 2010 that I first previewed Ascension to the tabletop gaming world.

“We thought, why not work with other VTubers out there in the anime world and create a trading card game based off of VTubers? Because these VTubers, some of them have millions of followers. Some of them are just incredibly popular." (25:00)

In this segment, we discuss Eric's latest venture, Oshi Push, a trading card game that utilizes characters known as VTubers. We partnered with Eric to bring this game to life. Eric discusses the unique appeal of VTubers and how they enhance the gaming experience, providing a fresh take on player engagement through their vibrant personas. Then, I discuss the game itself, which you can currently back on Kickstarter.

Join Eric Price and me on our latest venture, Oshi Push—the innovative trading card game that brings the world of VTubers to your tabletop! Inspired by the world’s community of VTubers, Oshi Push is a game designed for fans and players looking for a fresh, engaging experience. Take on the Persona of your favorite VTuber, create content, and win popularity contests to gain subscribers. The first to one million subscribers wins. Tactically deploying your persona and content to the available platforms creates interesting strategic decisions throughout the game.

What's in the Game? Oshi Push is a unique take on a trading card game based on actual VTubers from within the VTubing community. Partner with your Oshi and help promote them to gain the most fame and become Kami Oshi!

Support Us on Kickstarter. We're live on Kickstarter and need your support to bring Oshie Push to life! Backing us now gives you the opportunity to be among the first to get exclusive Kickstarter-only rewards. Don't miss this chance to be part of something truly unique in the gaming community.


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